My favourite leg exercises to prepare for a ski trip. No gym required. Seven leg exercises to get your legs in shape for a ski trip.

Everyone wants to maximise their time on the slopes, especially if you are only managing one or two trips in the season. A lot of my customers are really keen to make sure they are in shape to really enjoy their skiing. Skiing uses muscles we don’t normally use day to day and I think it is really important to prepare your legs ahead of your trip. 

In my experience the majority of ski injuries either happen at the start of a trip on the first day (or even first run) due to lack of preparation, or at the end of a trip when legs are fatigued. Here are some of my favourite leg exerises to prepare for a trip, which can be done at home, no gym or equipment required. 

I would recommend completing these exercises in a circuit. 45 seconds on, 15 seconds rest. 

  1. Jump squats
  2. Alternate lunges
  3. Single leg hip thrusts (both sides)
  4. Calf raises
  5. Speed squats
  6. Side lunges
  7. Ski sit

Repeat as many times as you like! These should prepare your quads, hamstrings and hip flexers for the slopes nicely.  Ultimately all leg exercises are better than nothing, so even jogging or cycling are good alternatives too. Having a good stretch after is also recommended. 

Disclaimer – I am not a personal trainer, but these are my favourite weight-free exercises to keep my legs in shape. Consult a doctor if you have any conditions with knees/ankles etc.

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