Based in Bromley and Norwich, Batterski offers hand servicing to keep your equipment in top condition for your trips to the slopes. Batterski is run by me, Joe Gotts, an ex Ski Racer and Instructor with a passion for snowsports. I did a lot of racing at University and spent a season in La Plagne before moving to London for work. After taking a couple of Ski Tech courses, I started servicing friends and family’s skis before starting up Batterski! This is not my full time job, but more of a spoassion which has grown into a small business.

Our aim is to offer a friendly personal service and technical finish to suit our customers needs. We run everything by hand and do not use machines which, although takes more time, feel offer better results and performance for skis and snowboards. You can take a look at our full range of services here.

To read more about our snowsport interests, take a look at our blog page.